We help you keep track of the information you have about your network, making it easier for you to plan what to do next, easier for you to avoid mishaps, and easier for you to be prepared for when the mishap occurs.


Smallworld Systems AS delivers complete solutions for documenting all processes of building and managing a modern network. Our solutions are based on GE Smallworlds leading GIS technology, flexible tools and architecture.

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Smallworld Electric Office (EO) is the last generation network-information-system from Smallworld Nordic. It is an international standard system developed by GE Energy, with adjustments for the Scandinavian market by the local development team in Oslo.

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District heating

Our solution is developed in close cooperation with the Scandinavian district heating industry, and is already in use by two leading suppliers in Norway. With Smallworld district heating the complete network is documented from the heating plant to the consumer.

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Streetligths / Municipalities

Smallworld streetlights is an efficient documentation-tool for all types of equipment in a network of streetlight. Network and equipment is easily presented on the map, and useful functions such as linking, tracing and reporting is available through an easy-to-use user interface.

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